What is Reiki?

Reiki is a simple, natural method that is easy to learn and that helps the body relax, release stress and maximise its health potential. You can through simple hand positions treat yourself as well as others, thereby accelerating the healing of the body. Through the hands the body is given a pure form of energy that promotes health on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
By activating the potential life force in your body, you are given access to a harmonious energy with strong healing properties. Reiki is an effective technique for personal growth and development.
Regular use of Reiki contributes to a sound attitude to life, higher stress tolerance, healthier body and mind, more energy, lower need for sleep, etc. Reiki can be learned during a two-day intensive seminar, where the energy is fine-tuned and activated so that it radiates from the hands of the participants at the slightest touch of all living beings.

Where does Reiki come from?

No one really knows....
But throughout history many ancient civilisations have talked of the existence of an all-pervading Life Force Energy that could benefit the quality of life.
However, we do know that at the end of the nineteenth century, Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Theologian, rediscovered this ancient energy and the possibility of re-attuning a person to this Universal Life Force, enabling them to promote the natural healing processes of their body. Reiki works on animals, plants and humans to enhance well-being, elevate general energy levels, reduce stress and stimulate the body´s immune system into self-healing.
The word Reiki is the Japanese term which translates to Universal Life Energy (Rei - Universal, Ki - Energy).

What does a Reiki Treatment involve?

During a treatment the harmonising Reiki energy is radiating from the Reiki practitioner´s hands which are placed gently and lightly on the patient´s body. Reiki is different from massage and other manipulating therapies as the hands remain still andit can be given through clothing or even a plaster cast. The energy flow is very subtle. Most patients experience heat or tingling sensations during the treatment and feel very relaxed and balanced afterwards.
A Reiki treatment usually lasts one hour during which time the hands are moved to a new position approximately every five minutes, giving the overall physiological benefits of three to four hours of deep sleep.


  • Enhances your personal growth.
  • Raises your level of awareness, self-esteem and self-love.
  • Enables you to take responsibility for your own health and well-being.
  • Dramatically reducess stress and tension.
  • Increases your energy and vitality.
  • Accelerates the natural healing processes by harmonising the bodymind´s energies.
  • Provides you with a constant first aid kit from your hands which is second to none.
  • Promotes the raped healing of injuries such as cuts, burns, bruises, stings as well as sports injuries and post-surgerey effects.
  • Effectively helps common health problems such as headaches migraines, flu, allergies, asthma.
  • Eases pain and reduces the side effects of drugs.
  • Helps alleviate other acute and chronic health problems and emotional disorders including depression, anxiety, insomnia.
  • Combines with and complements all orthodox and alternative therapies and enhances their benefits.
  • Enhances your creative, intuitive and intellectual abilities.
  • Impoves your memory.
  • Effectively treats animals and boosts the growth of plants.
  • Is not a cult, religion or belief system and in no way contradicts the individual´s beliefs.
  • Helps you and others to live more happily and harmoniously for the rest of your life.
  • Restores your whole person to a state of harmony and balance.

How to acquire Reiki?

The only way to acquire Reiki is through a process of "attunements" which is carried out by a qualified Traditional Reiki Master.
Nobody has Reiki naturally and you do not have Reiki if you have only received a Reiki treatment.
However, anyone of any age or background can receive and learn Reiki.

Reiki First Degree

You need no prior training or qualifications to attend a Reiki First Degree Seminar as it is a very simple technique which even children can learn.
During this enjoyable two-day workshop/seminar you receive four "Attunements/Initiations" from a qualified Traditional Reiki Master which activate and align your bodymind´s energy blueprint, empowering it with Reiki energy for life. This gives you the ability to radiate the Reiki energy from your hands whenever using it on yourself, other people, animals and plants.
The topics covered in the workshop will include: the body as an energy system, the causes of disease and disharmony, the origins of Reiki, how to treat yourself and others, how Reiki works and how to use it in many ways in everyday life.

Reiki Second Degree

At this advanced level you are introduced to some of the Reiki energy patterns or symbols. You learn how to use them as "tools" to perform tasks such as potentising your Reiki, sending Reiki at a distance, providing protection, promoting harmony, empowering energy blueprints, developing your intuition and accelerating your personal growth.
This level of Reiki greatly enhances many other professional healing and therapeutic techniques. It further enables you to send to a number of people at once.

Each level of Reiki is a complete system within itself.

Principles of Reiki

Just for today do not worry.
Just for today do not anger.
Just for today show love and respect for every living being.
Just for today earn your living honestly.
Just for today live the attitude of gratitude.

Dr. Mikao Usui

Reiki Reconciliation

Reiki Reconciliation

The global expansion of Reiki began after Hawayo Takata’s death in 1980. Phyllis Lei Furumoto played a pivotal role and was central to the dispute over Takata’s succession. She is one of the last and still active witnesses from this formative period of Reiki’s history.

In this interview-documentary, Phyllis Furumoto answers questions about this tumultuous time with astonishing openness. Her moving insights and revelations are inspiring. Her acknowledgement of past mistakes, and thus her contribution to reconciliation, is exemplary even beyond the Reiki community.


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