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Enhancing the mind

The secret of success is in the mind!
Open new horizons for yourSelf and your life!

In your own hands lies the key which unlocks the door to the hidden potentials within your body and mind.

The Mind

The single most important factor for your life is the one that can ensure either its success or its failure - the human brain. It is the most sophisticated known device in existence. It is also the most important and powerful asset that you possess to live and enjoy life. The fact is that up to 90% of people may only be using a small percentage of their mental potential.
Everything you do in life - from the simplest to the most complex of tasks - and how well you do it, will always be determined by your individual mental ability. Developing your mind´s skills aids to uncover your 1 potential and resources at all levels!
Whilst we have all been brought up with a well-developed left (logical) brain function from childhood, very few people seldom use their immensely potent right brain appropriately. However, excellence can only ever be achieved by using our left and right brain in a balanced way. The right brain is the seat of creativity, imagination and intuition - essential attributes to reach peak performance levels in your work, studies, sport or everyday life. Furthermore, the right brain works faster and much more efficiently than the left. Engaging the right brain automatically induces a relaxed and stress-reducing state of mind, so much more conducive to efficiency.
In essence, comparing the left brain to the right is like comparing an old, mechanical calculating machine to a modern state-of-the-art micro- computer. The question is - which do you choose to operate with?

The Workshop

The MINDSCAPE Workshop is aimed at teaching you to use more of the vast potential of your mind by learning to harness and use your remarkable right brain faculties, the alphamind, to enhance all aspects of your life, including your personal development and your performance at work. Similar techniques have been used by many of the world´s top academics, geniuses, artists and sportspeople. Today modern scientific understanding has streamlined these techniques further, making them even more effective and easy to do.
During the workshop you are led to establish at a very deep level a permanent link with your alphamind using a specialised, easy to follow innovative visualisation exercise. Participating in a MINDSCAPE workshop leaves you with mental abilities you never dreamed you had before - for the rest of you life!

Topics covered

* left & right brain * accessing your right brain at anytime & anywhere * creating the alphamind workshop * the subconscious mind * your personality guides * creativity, brain-storming & problem-solving * stress management & self-healing * tapping into universal consciousness & gaining knowledge * rehearsing, testing & perfecting strategies and presentations * improving techniques & performances * achieving goals & success * mental physical training *

Specialised versions of the MINDSCAPE Workshop are included in the training programmes of top international corporations and are used by the world?s leading athletes. MINDSCAPE techniques have proved to benefit thousands of people of all walks of life throughout the world.

MINDSCAPE - the benefits

  • enhanced creativity and imagination
  • heightened intuition and awareness
  • stress reduction and stress management
  • increased mental strength
  • new aspects in plus improved problem-solving and communication skills
  • more access to new ideas and information
  • better concentration, memory and learning abilities
  • improved personal management
  • improved performance in sports, arts, work, studies
  • engage your subconscious to work for you to achieve your dreams and goals in life
  • new exciting possibilities of understanding and ability - for life!

These benefits are both immediate and long-term, as they continue to flourish in the individual. For many, this can mean a quantum leap in mental ability and general well-being - a significant step towards achieving peak performance.

The MINDSCAPE Programme was founded by Dr. John & Esther Veltheim of the PaRama school of Philosophy and Life Sciences / USA and has been taught successfully worldwide in many countries, including the USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malta. MINDSCAPE and BREAKTHROUGH workshops are led by qualified instructors who have been handpicked not only for their expertise, but also for the strong changes they have themselves experienced through the techniques learned and practiced in the course.

MINDSCAPE is usually spread out over 1.5 to 2 days. The workshop can be done easily by anyone and no previous training is required. While there is some lecturing, the workshop mainly consists of practical exercises being done as a group.

Every participant receives a comprehensive manual, exclusively written for MINDSCAPE Courses (only available here). Besides supporting the workshop material, the publication also details additional information, including specialised applications of Mindscape techniques for personal development and sports, to enable you to expand further beyond the course.

The MINDSCAPE Programme for Peak Performance is a series of highly specialised courses, aimed at the individual interested to take on the self-responsibility for his/her own personal development. It also includes BreakThrough , a workshop targeting personal management issues, self-esteem, response-ability and control in life plus the achievement of joy, harmony and fulfillment in your life. Although both courses are different and can be done on their own, they very much complement each other and together they constitute a highly effective personal and professional management tool for peak performance.

The courses are available to the general public. Workshops can be adapted specifically to the needs of special groups -  both for companies, corporations and teams.

For further information regarding sessions or workshops please contact us directly.

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